Your Next Generation Omnichannel

Shopping wall

Merchants can leverage Puut Wallet to expand existing sales channels by taking advantage of its robust bidding feature to bid on user's shopping lists. Moreover Merchants can create listing offers on the shopping wall. These offers are made available to Puut Wallet holders in that geographic area and can be accepted and paid for within the wallet.

Contactless payments

Merchants equipped with PayPass compliant terminals can receive over-the-counter payment without additional integration. Alternatively Puut Wallet holders can make push-payments to merchants' wallets directly using wallet2wallet functionality.

Puut Wallet is PCI-DSS compliant so merchant can rest assured that transactions adhere to the highest security standards.

Using Puut Messenger to keep in Touch

Merchants can use the Puut Wallet broadcast feature to contact and communicate with one or thousands of customers simultaneously based on users' preferences; a good, secure and cheaper alternative to sms campaign.

Automated Service for the retail

Puut Wallet automated service allows merchants to reduce the queue length in front of the cashiers by configuring popular products as self-collectable, making it possible for users to pick up products from shelves, to scan them with their wallet, to use Puut Wallet as payment terminal and to leave the store without having to queue in front of the cashiers. Puut Wallet Automated service can drastically reduce queues lengths at any given point of sales.

Reporting tools

Puut Wallet offers merchant with secure interface and intuitive reporting tools that allow merchants to configure their accounts, to view statements and to generate transactions related reports.

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